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Commercial operations taking a break

Building Alloverse in the open is the most exciting job we’ve ever had. Turning it into a commercial venture, however, was perhaps a few years too early — as the rest of the market has also found out. We’re very grateful to Icebreaker and others chipping in funding to get us this far, but alas, […]

GitHub Projects for open source project tracking

Hi everyone! Alloverse PM Tobes here with another update on how we do open source product development. This time I’ll be taking a closer look at the GitHub Projects beta and share some of my thoughts on it. Let’s go! First off; readers of Nevyn’s latest post will recall this illustration regarding project tracking tools: […]

The Alloverse Ambassador Program

Community is the backbone of any successful open source project. However, growing a community from zero is not easy. There’s over 7 billion people in the world, so how do we best reach the ones that share your values? Social media can be great, but at the same time, algorithms can be moody and the […]