Commercial operations taking a break

Building Alloverse in the open is the most exciting job we’ve ever had. Turning it into a commercial venture, however, was perhaps a few years too early — as the rest of the market has also found out. We’re very grateful to Icebreaker and others chipping in funding to get us this far, but alas, our coffers are now empty, and on the 15th of June we are taking a break on commercial operations.

However, this is not a goodbye. From the very beginning we’ve been an open source project with volunteer contributors, so we can – and will – keep going even without the commercial backing! Thus, we transition from an “open core” commercial company with an open source center, into a fully open source project. This is simplified by our work a year ago to become a more open and transparent organization.

What does all this mean for the Alloverse team’s life together? Well, no more recurring meetings, and we don’t have day jobs together anymore. But all of us — Nevyn, Tobes, Voxar and Domi — are all continuing as volunteers for our open source project in our spare time. Mash in some code some evening here, maybe design some UI components over a weekend there, discuss a PR on the side. It’s still the coolest project I can imagine, and we’ll keep it alive.

On top of our core team, we have our adventurous Ambassadors who continue to experiment with the future of XR, and spreading the word of our magical platform. (On that note, we welcome Elena Palombini as our newest ambassador!)

As for the future: when the market and our product is more mature, we hope to come back from the commercial break to work on Alloverse full time again, and maybe even hire an even larger development team. Who knows what the future will bring? But that’s what we’re wishing, and working hard for.

Do you believe in our mission? That the next generation 3D Internet we’ll be getting soon deserves to be open source, built for openness, inclusiveness and intuitiveness? Come join our community, and help us fight for it in our new era. Alloverse is always there for you to experiment with and build your crazy VR projects.

— nevyn

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