The Alloverse Ambassador Program

Community is the backbone of any successful open source project. However, growing a community from zero is not easy. There’s over 7 billion people in the world, so how do we best reach the ones that share your values? Social media can be great, but at the same time, algorithms can be moody and the battle for attention is hard fought. So, why not engage our own community of like-minded people to advocate for us? After all, isn’t word of mouth how most of us usually find our favorite tools and projects?

With that in mind, we developed our very own Alloverse Ambassador Program. With access to an exclusive discord channel, ambassadors are able to closely collaborate with each other and the Alloverse team when developing their own apps. In addition, every ambassadors get some physical swag (a super cool Alloverse hoodie!) and an own virtual AlloPlace, hosted by us.

With all these perks, of course, come some responsibilities as well. So, what exactly does it mean to be an ambassador?

It’s quite simple, honestly. Your values align with ours: supporting open core, being friendly and making a lasting impact (to read more in-depth about the ethos of our mission, you can read all about it here). An ambassador is expected to spread the word about Alloverse IRL and online. Plus we might reach out to you from time to time for feedback, or to help us test some new features we’re currently working on!

Since the launch of the program in late March, we’ve received quite a number of applications and already admitted a few amazing ambassadors into the program! Each one is a pretty awesome individual and we are very lucky to have them on board. The common denominator for joining was the belief in an open metaverse. Other reasons included things like the desire to build 3d apps specific to their domain expertise and the fact that Alloverse was accessible and easy to get started with.

It’s been super fun to see our community grow! We can’t wait to see what our new Ambassadors will create and explore the ways in which we’ll all collaborate. Most importantly, though, we’re excited to see how the program develops!

So – does the Alloverse Ambassador program sound like something you’d like to get involved with? If so, read more and submit your application here:

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