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What is Alloverse?

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Anyone can enter the Alloverse through the headset- or desktop app.
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The environment in which everything comes together.
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Functional 3D apps. Get them on the marketplace - or build your own!

Join the Community!

Alloverse’s mission is to democratise access to Virtual Reality by enabling any creator to develop and deploy collaborative productivity apps in our ecosystem. We want to lay the foundation for an open Metaverse with shared ownership and universal access… and we’d love for you to help out! Check out our documentation and learn how to develop your own app in just a few minutes!

  • For me, the most impressive thing with Alloverse is the convenience of being able to create a full-fledged VR app without the need for a headset or a powerful video card.

    VR Jam Attendee
  • I’m impressed by how fast things are getting fixed and improved on the spot by the Alloverse team – it’s awesome to see how much you care about the dev experience!

    VR Jam Attendee

Creating an AlloApp is easy!

Using lua or C#, anyone can get started building an AlloApp. Check out the “getting started” guide on the Alloverse Documentation page and try interacting with your own 3D app in VR within minutes!


Can we be of service?

Ready to make VR history with us?

The Alloverse team is available for consulting projects supporting their thesis for democratising access to Virtual Reality. We are primarily looking for companies or partnerships where the use of Virtual Reality is necessary and need for experienced futurists to implement a project is key.

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Latest News & Updates

Focusing on building: Julie Despraz exits, CTO Nevyn Bengtsson takes over as CEO

Nevyn Bengtsson takes over the CEO role from Julie Despraz, and Alloverse resumes exploring the concept of the metaverse with renewed vigor.
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VR JAM 1: “Dress Rehearsal”

Taking place between March 25-26 2021, The inaugural Alloverse VR Jam has now concluded. The event was a great success; the tech held up, and we got...
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A VR Jam to celebrate our Beta release!

A summary of our first VR Jam to validate our Beta release! How we prepared & our key takeaways.
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