A New Dimension of Productive Collaboration

Alloverse is laying the foundation for the open source Metaverse where anyone can create and share their own virtual apps. Would you like to get involved?

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The community-created cornerstones of the Alloverse ecosystem. Get them on the marketplace – or build your own!

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Talk, play and collaborate in VR with gestures and spatial audio. Anyone can join the Alloverse through a variety of headset- or desktop apps.

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The environment in which everything comes together. Create and host your own Place, or connect to one of the public ones available for free.

It can be helpful to think of Alloverse as an operating system for VR, much like what iOS is to an iPhone. It includes, among other things, network protocols, input interpretation, sound- and graphics engines and user interface APIs. But what is iOS without apps? Similarly, AlloApps are the crucial component that makes Alloverse interesting, useful and unique.

The Future of Apps

AlloApps are 3D applications running alongside each other in an AlloPlace, similar to how a web browser, a music player and a chat client all coexist on your computer. Anyone can experience and interact with AlloApps, as long as they’re all in the same Place.

Using the Alloverse Lua or C# API, you can build some truly awesome stuff, and still retain complete freedom over your creation. Follow the guide below and deploy your first VR app in minutes!

Thanks for all your efforts! LoVR and Alloverse are easily the lowest barrier to entry to VR development already.
Tim Schmidt
RepRap.org core developer

For me, the most impressive thing with Alloverse is the convenience of being able to create a full-fledged VR app without the need for a headset or a powerful video card.

VR Jam Attendee

I’m impressed by how fast things are getting fixed and improved on the spot by the Alloverse team – it’s awesome to see how much you care about the dev experience!

VR Jam Attendee

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