Nevyn Bengtsson

Nevyn has been fascinated by the frontiers of HCI since he was a teenager. He was absolutely entranced by Jeff Han’s multi-touch experiments at the start of the millennium, and jumped on the iOS bandwagon early to explore the new medium. He built Spotify’s iOS app for a few years, then started the UX platform Lookback. Alloverse is his latest project, combining all of his passions: HCI, UX, VR and game engine programming. He is the Alloverse CEO, and spends as much time as possible programming.

Tobias Kask

Tobias Kask

Tobias is an ever-curious gamer and design nerd with a strong academic background and over a decade’s worth of experience with working remote. Recently back in Sweden after a 5-year pilgrimage to Silicon Valley as a UX engineer, he’s now exploring the future of XR. He leads product development at Alloverse and co-opts the UX- & AlloApp building efforts.

Patrik “Voxar” Sjöberg

Curious person who always wants to know how things work and enjoys putting things together as much as picking them apart. Likes to build things that builds things, from machines to developer tools and frameworks.

Iuliana Preotu

Iuliana Preotu

Iuliana Preotu is a 3D designer and animator. She is a classically trained artist who holds a MFA in sculpting and crossed to the “dark side” of technology and never looked back.
She is a previous cofounder, creative director and a self taught coder. A restless learner and XR technology lover, she now develops all aspects of 3D design and animation endeavors at Alloverse.

Dominika Jezewska

Dominika is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2016 with a BFA in Fashion Design and has an extensive background in fashion and 3D visualization. Forever immersed and fascinated by the world, she spends her time exploring realities + everything in between in her art practice, imagining and dissecting the relationships between humans, objects and space.

Advisory Board

Maral Biniazan_Alloverse_Advisor

Maral Biniazan

Passionate product manager who loves to create product that solves customer problems. More then 10 years of experience in different industry, such as streaming, e-commerce, banking and more. Experience with working in both startup and bigger companies. Works both with strategically thinking and and tactical execution.

Magnus Olausson Advisor Alloverse

Magnus Olausson

Magnus has been involved with fast-growing companies his whole career, leading functions like Operations, Sales, Finance and HR. What he enjoys the most is to make businesses, teams and individuals grow jointly. According to him, “strong competence in your field, coupled with hard work and listening to others, gets you very far”.

Julie Despraz

Julie has a strong background in business and people. She is originally from Switzerland but has lived in South Africa, France, Italy, Greece and Sweden. At 24, she sold her first successful online/tech service business. Since then, she focused on people by becoming a headhunter for tech startups in Switzerland and Sweden. As the former CEO, she has lead the team, and the organizational and business aspects of Alloverse.


Elinor Hagg Alloverse

Elinor Hägg

Elinor is a multi-talented illustrator and front-end engineer with an inviting and cozy style. Her pen set Alloverse’s initial visual style, and her keyboard buildt our original websites. Even after several re-brands, her playful atmosphere remains.

Emma Koszinowski

Emma is a developer with a holistic high level view of product, tech and business. She has over a decade experience in various roles in the tech industry and equally enjoys the problem solving aspect of technology, as much as the fun adding aspect. At Alloverse she focused mostly on backend systems and infrastructure.