Maral Biniazan

Maral Biniazan_Alloverse_Advisor
Passionate product manager who loves to create product that solves customer problems. More then 10 years of experience in different industry, such as streaming, e-commerce, banking and more. Experience with working in both startup and bigger companies. Works both with strategically thinking and and tactical execution.
Magnus Olausson Advisor Alloverse
Magnus has been involved with fast-growing companies his whole career, leading functions like Operations, Sales, Finance and HR. What he enjoys the most is to make businesses, teams and individuals grow jointly. According to him, “strong competence in your field, coupled with hard work and listening to others, gets you very far”.
Julie has a strong background in business and people. She is originally from Switzerland but has lived in South Africa, France, Italy, Greece and Sweden. At 24, she sold her first successful online/tech service business. Since then, she focused on people by becoming a headhunter for tech startups in Switzerland and Sweden. As the former […]