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VR JAM 1: “Dress Rehearsal”

Taking place between March 25-26 2021, The inaugural Alloverse VR Jam has now concluded. The event was a great success; the tech held...

A VR Jam to celebrate our Beta release!

A summary of our first VR Jam to validate our Beta release! How we prepared & our key takeaways.

Alloverse lands €250k from Icebreaker VC to launch our open-source VR platform for virtual collaboration

Alloverse, a Swedish VR startup developing an open-source platform for virtual collaboration, closed their pre-seed round with a €250k amount. Its ambitious mission...
UX UI Alloverse

Better than IRL: The creation process of a virtual drawing board

Yay me – I just released an AlloApp! 🎉 The first of many to come, this basic drawing board is a server-side-running, inherently...

Retention strategies for the XR industry

Building our dream company, Alloverse has not been easy, yet because of our incredible team, it has been a delightful journey this far (no we...
Algortihm Math Alloverse

Moved by Math

Applied game dev math can be tricky, but is really rewarding. Here’s a follow-up to Nevyn’s Twitter thread on his journey from incomprehensible...
Commercial Roadmap Alloverse

Virtual collaboration in the next decade

In the spirit of open source and transparency, we would like to share our ongoing thoughts for the future of our platform. Last...

An open education platform: Alloverse’s journey towards 1.0

February 19, 2020 By Nevyn Bengtsson In September 2019, Alloverse had settled on six founders: Nevyn, Julie, Tobias, Patrik, Emma and Elinor. The...
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